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Crack the Code:

The Definitive EB-1A Visa Guide for Engineers

Crack the Code: EB-1A Visa Guide for Tech Professionals

Are you an engineer interested in the EB-1A, but don’t know where to begin? No citations? No PhD? Lost in the maze of information online?

This Playbook is designed for tech professionals just like you!  🙌  

5 Stars

Priya did a phenomenal job on my EB-1A petition. She puts a lot of effort into building a really strong case and curates it to your profile. I was impressed by the final support letter and the way it put me in an immensely positive light. I highly recommend Alagiri Law Firm for immigration needs.

After fifteen years of working with USCIS, we know what they want and this Playbook lays it out for you. No more guessing!

Learn key data points that instantly enhance your chances of success, as well as critical errors that routinely result in Requests for Evidence.   🔍

This Playbook is a game changer for engineers, packed full of concrete “Do’s and Don’ts” accumulated over a span of 15 years. 

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Debugging Your EB-1A Visa Journey

Learn such things as:

💡      How to Define a Tech Domain that Resonates with USCIS 

💡     How to Prove Eligibility Consistent with how USCIS Evaluates Engineering Applications

💡      How (and how not) to Draft  Recommendation Letters to Effectively Showcase Engineering Expertise

5 Stars

My experience working with the Alagiri law firm for my EB1A application was truly exceptional. Priya's expertise and in-depth knowledge of the EB-1A category, especially for individuals employed in the science and research fields, made a significant difference. I wholeheartedly recommend Priya and her team for EB1A applications and any other visa requirements.

5 Stars

Priya possesses extensive knowledge and expertise in Green card processing, particularly for individuals with extraordinary abilities in the technology sector. With her profound understanding of the subject matter, she and her exceptional team excels in crafting applications that effectively highlight the strengths and qualities of the applicants. HIghly recommend!

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this course designed for?
This curriculum is focused on tech professionals, addressing the challenges and opportunities unique to the high-tech industry. You will end the course with inside knowledge and proven strategies, which have been gained from years of experience working with USCIS. The information is unlikely to be publicly available.

This course is geared toward tech professionals aiming to understand and navigate the EB-1A visa application process effectively with proven strategies.

While the course is primarily self-paced, we do separately offer “Customized EB-1A Coaching: Unique One-on-One Sessions” with Priya Alagiri, Esq., CEO & Founder.

While the course provides extensive guidance and strategies, it’s designed to empower and equip you with knowledge that is not easily obtained. It does not replace the need for an immigration attorney, who can evaluate your profile and create a custom game plan.

Please contact us for more details.

Check out our “Customized EB-1A Coaching: Unique One-on-One Sessions to Optimize your Journey.” This opportunity consists of one-on-one sessions with Priya Alagiri, Esq., CEO & Founder, which are customized to enhance your EB-1A potential based on your unique experiences.

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5 Stars

I cannot express enough gratitude towards The Alagiri Immigration Law Firm for their unparalleled support and guidance throughout my immigration process. Their team’s expertise, attentiveness, and compassion made a complex journey smooth and successful. They were always available to address my concerns, ensuring I felt supported every step of the way. Thanks to their diligent work, I achieved my immigration goals. I highly recommend them for anyone in need of immigration assistance. Truly outstanding!