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I’m Priya Alagiri ...

Having lived through various immigration journeys, I understand both the instability and hope that immigrants and their families feel.

My unwavering goal is to change the trajectory of your life by helping you obtain your green card, either through a family member or through your extraordinary abilities.

I approach each case with persistence, creativity, and determination. You do not have to choose between your family and your career.

Simplifying Immigration: We Can Help You Navigate The Complex Process

My resume highlights include:

How Do I Win Cases?

With intelligence, creativity, and grit. I am an experienced immigration attorney who has honed my skills from years of persuasively arguing cases in front of Federal judges. With a winning track record and a dedication to client satisfaction, I have even won cases that other lawyers thought could not be won. As one satisfied client put it, “When Priya picks up the bat, she is not just playing to win. She is playing for the home run.”

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“Success will come to you by courageous devotion to the task in front of you.”

C.V. Raman, Nobel Prize for Physics (1930).

Discovered why the sky is blue.

Allow my team to be your team.


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Are You Extraordinary?

EB-1A Visa Masterclass:

By Priya Alagiri, ESQ. Founder, The Alagiri Immigration Law Firm

Friday, February 10, 2023, 12 PM, PST on ZOOM

Join me for Part 2 of my EB-1A “Extraordinary Ability” Visa Masterclass! I will discuss the second step of the two-step analysis that USCIS conducts prior to approving an EB-1A application, called the “final merits determination.”