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O-1 Visa Lawyer

About O-1 Visas: Individuals of Extraordinary Ability or Achievement.

If your US business, company, or organization needs to bring in a foreign employee with extraordinary abilities in his or her field, you should consider consulting with an O-1 Visa Lawyer.

O-1 visas are reserved for top-performing individuals who have been recognized nationally or internationally for their extraordinary ability or achievement. O-1 visas are designated for distinguished experts and professionals in the fields of:

  • Science
  • Business
  • Education
  • Athletics
  • The Arts
  • Movies
  • And Television

United States O-1 visa lawyers can provide assistance to international artists, scientists, business people, athletes, and other individuals with extraordinary abilities and achievements in their field of expertise.

O-1 visas are also commonly known as “genius visas.”

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Qualifications of O-1 Visa Lawyers

To be a successful O-1 visa lawyer, an attorney must be skilled and experienced in this area of the law.

Priya Alagiri is the founder, head attorney, and an award-winning immigration lawyer at the helm of The Alagiri Immigration Law Firm. She exclusively specializes in immigration law, and is licensed to practice immigration law in all 50 states. She has worked with some of the top internationally renowned scientists, researchers, entertainers, and Olympic athletes, and is fully skilled and qualified to work with all clients of extraordinary abilities who are seeking O-1 visas.

Contact The Alagiri Immigration Law Firm today to get assistance and guidance with filing your O-1 visa application or extension.

O-1 Visa Types: About the Different Types of 0-1 Visas

About O-1A Visas

An O-1A visa is for individuals who are nationally or internationally recognized in the fields of business, education, the sciences, and athletics. These are individuals who are widely recognized for their outstanding and extraordinary ability in their fields.

“Extraordinary ability” in the above fields means these individuals would be widely considered in the top percentage points of performers in their industry, profession, or speciality.

About O-1B Visas

O-1B visas are another subcategory of O-1 visas that are reserved for talented individuals in film, television, and the arts. These are individuals that have been recognized nationally or internationally for their outstanding art and/or performance abilities.

Artists must demonstrate “extraordinary ability,” which means he or she has obtained a high level of distinction in their artistic field.

Those in the movie or television industries must demonstrate“extraordinary achievement,” which means a notably high level of accomplishment(s) in these industries. This can be made evident by a high degree of skill and/or recognition that is significantly above that which is ordinarily encountered in the field.

How to Qualify for an O-1 Visa

“What do I need to qualify for an O-1 Visa?”

For O-1A visa applicants in education, the sciences, athletics, or business ––– applicants must provide and/or demonstrate why they are one of the leaders in their field. For O-1B visa applicants in the arts, film, and television, the applicant must have a certain level of recognition, distinction, or achievements that indicate they are well-known in their field.

How to Qualify for an O-1A Visa

If you are applying for an O-1A visa, you must have evidence to show that you have received or been honored with a major, internationally recognized award. An example of this would be the Nobel Prize.

Alternatively, O-1A visa applicant’s can provide at least three of the following forms of documentation:

  • Memberships to related associations, as by their extraordinary achievements in the field.
  • Published articles about the applicant and their work.
  • Substantial, evident, original contributions to their field.
  • Articles authored by the applicant (published by credible business or scholarly journals).
  • A high salary that is representative of their abilities and/or contributions.
  • Evidence of sitting on a panel and/or individually judging others in the field.
  • Proof of employment by a distinguished company, establishment, or organization.

Other forms of comparable evidence may also be provided to establish O-1A eligibility.

How to Qualify for an O-1B Visa

To qualify as an individual of extraordinary ability in the arts, motion pictures or television, the applicant must be prominent in his or her field as demonstrated by the following:

  • Proof of past or upcoming performances in a leading or star role, in a well-known event or production.
  • National or international public or professional recognition for past roles or achievements.
  • Substantial proof of commercial success in their field.
  • Recognition from critics, experts, or government agencies for accomplishments in their field.
  • Proof of compensation that is commensurate to their extraordinary abilities, or commanding a large salary in comparison to others in the field.

Other comparable evidence can also be provided as evidence of the individual’s ability.

How Long is an O-1 Visa Valid For?

The O-1 visa is valid for an initial stay of 3 years but allows for unlimited extensions. With the allowance of unlimited extensions, an applicant can essentially stay and work in the US as long as they:

  • Maintain their O-1 status.
  • Meet the requirements for an O-1 extension.

If you need assistance with applying for your O-1 visa or filing for an O-1 visa extension, contact our O-1 visa lawyers at The Alagiri Immigration Law Firm today on our website or Request A Consultation 650-383-4306.

Can I Apply for a Green Card on an O-1 Visa?

What happens if you eventually want to apply for a green card?

The O-1 visa has a dual-intent classification, which means that holders of an O-1 visa are able to pursue their green card, while they maintain their O-1 status.

  • The eligibility criteria for a green card are similar to the eligibility criteria for an O-1 visa. However, because it is a green card application, the standards are higher and USCIS will scrutinize the application much more. A greater amount of evidence is required.

How Our O-1 Visa Lawyers Can Help

Applying for an O-1 Visa is a complex process. Our immigration attorneys and O-1 visa lawyers at The Alagiri Immigration Law Firm exclusively specialize in working in immigration law and have helped dozens of O-1 visa candidates through the application process.

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