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People from all around the world want to come to the United States for one-of-a-kind opportunities and the pursuit of brighter tomorrows. Unfortunately, immigration laws and regulations can make this process incredibly difficult to see through to a successful end. Given the current sociopolitical climate that seems to be shifting immigration laws once a month, immigration cases have only become all the more of a challenge.

Rather than trying to navigate the unsure waters of United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) procedures yourself, rely on The Alagiri Immigration Law Firm and our immigration lawyer in Foster City. We have more than a decade of legal experience focused on immigration cases, filings, and other related concerns. With us acting as your legal guide, you can be confident that your immigration case will have the best possible chance of succeeding, whether you are coming to America for work, family, or another reason.

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Even straightforward immigration cases can take unexpected turns and get complicated with more regulations or the necessity of additional paperwork. Not to worry, as long as you have The Alagiri Immigration Law Firm and our Foster City immigration attorney representing you. We are knowledgeable and, by working with us, you will be ready for any complication that could possibly arise in your case.

Examples of immigration case types that we can handle include:

We can help you apply for visa extensions, changes of status, and other applications relevant to your immigration case or entry into the United States. Recently, we have been handling more and more Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) applications. If you are a DACA recipient who needs to renew or would like to see if you qualify for DACA protections, allow us to help you as well.

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At The Alagiri Immigration Law Firm, we prioritize the success of our clients’ immigration cases as if we were representing ourselves. We know that you are eager to begin your life in America, so we will do all we can to make your case successful. See how our immigration law firm in Foster City can benefit you by contacting us and requesting an initial case evaluation with our team.

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