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    Has the sponsor ever been arrested, charged, or convicted of any crimes involving a minor — such as assault, kidnapping or domestic abuse? This applies to very few people and we’re required by USCIS to ask.

    Is the sponsor a U.S. citizen, or will they be one before you file for your K-1 fiancé visa?

    What is the sponsor’s annual income?

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    Are You Extraordinary?

    EB-1A Visa Masterclass:

    By Priya Alagiri, ESQ. Founder, The Alagiri Immigration Law Firm

    Friday, February 10, 2023, 12 PM, PST on ZOOM

    Join me for Part 2 of my EB-1A “Extraordinary Ability” Visa Masterclass! I will discuss the second step of the two-step analysis that USCIS conducts prior to approving an EB-1A application, called the “final merits determination.”