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Crack the Code: Debugging the EB-1A Visa for Tech Professionals

EB-1A Visa Masterclass for Tech Professionals

Want to build or enhance your profile to secure the highly coveted EB-1A visa, but feeling lost in the maze of requirements?  Unsure where to begin? 

This course is a deep dive into the EB-1A visa process just for tech professionals. I will be sharing insider knowledge and strategies based on 15 years of practicing immigration law, with the end goal of increasing your chances of approval and accelerating your path to U.S. permanent residency.

I often consult with tech professionals who are well into building their EB-1A profile. However, very often, these extraordinary individuals went about it the wrong way, relying on generic guidance, inaccurate online information, or even misguided advice from well-intentioned friends or family. These missteps have cost them years of wasted time, effort, and resources. It is disheartening to meet talented professionals who have devoted such energy following an ill-advised path.

Sign up for my class and embark on your journey armed with accurate information that is based on 15+ years of experience.

What are the Goals of the Masterclass?

Avoid the mistake of having to rebuild your past or cobble together your previous achievements into a cohesive application, hoping that meets the EB-1A visa criteria. Obtaining an EB-1A visa can lead to incredible career opportunities, financial growth, and personal fulfillment in the United States. It is worth the investment to build your profile right.

Fact-based, accurate information is your greatest ally on the EB-1A visa journey.  Embark on this quest empowered with the knowledge and confidence to craft a systematic EB-1A visa game plan. Avoid the heartache of starting over – enroll in our  Are You Extrarodinary? masterclass today

Masterclass Overview

Your Extraordinary Journey Starts Today

Obtaining an EB-1A visa is a tremendous milestone, and ensuring you have the right information is paramount. Are You Extraordinary? is not just enrolling in a course – you’re making an investment in your dreams, aspirations, and the opportunity to secure a future in the United States.

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