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New Year, New Immigration Policies

Happy New Year!

With our new President in place, there is much to be excited about. Even on his first day, President Biden proposed bold new legislation and changes to our immigration system and reversed some of the most devastating policies of the last four years.

A new era of immigration has begun.

Below are some of the immigration initiatives that President Biden has already made in less than one week in office:

  • Revocation of the Muslim and African travel bans
  • Halting construction of the border wall
  • Preserving and strengthening the DACA initiative
  • Sending immigration legislation to Congress, which contains the following key initiatives:
    • Provisions to clear overall green card backlogs and reduce wait times
    • Provisions to eliminate per-country limits for employment-based immigrants
    • Provisions for employment authorization for H-1B dependents
    • Provisions for Green Card holders to sponsor spouses and children as immediate family members (as currently permitted for U.S. Citizens)