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  • Public Charge
    Public Charge

    A NY Federal District Court ordered that USCIS must stop applying the “public charge” rule, which is essentially a wealth test for all green card applicants. USCIS has said that it will fully comply ...

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  • USCIS Filing Fees
    USCIS Filing Fees

    USCIS announced that it will be raising its fees by an average of 20% in order to meet its operating costs. Unfortunately, this fee increase is due to USCIS’ inefficiencies, mismanagement and ...

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  • DACA

    Despite the Supreme Court’s ruling, the White House announces it is reducing protections for Dreamers and DACA applicants – thereby, throwing their lives into turmoil and limbo again. Congress must ...

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  • What the Recent Supreme Court Ruling Means for DACA
    What the Recent Supreme Court Ruling Means for DACA

    Understanding the Supreme Court June 2020 Decision The Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, or DACA, is no stranger to legal challenges, having been contested in various maneuvers since its ...

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