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How Long Will My Green Card Application Take?

Green Card Processing Time

In January 2018, USCIS revised its methodology for calculating your green card processing time. This was in response to complaints that the case processing times USCIS posted on its website were inaccurate, unclear and not helpful. USCIS had a goal of processing green card applications within 120 days, but that goal was rarely ever met. With USCIS’s revised methodology, the processing times are more accurate and clear, but unfortunately are much longer than previously believed. The time now posted on USCIS’s website to process family-based green card applications is 11.5 months to 17 months, while the time to process employment-based green card applications is 9 months to 11.5 months. USCIS explains that this length of time is due to interview and “extreme vetting” requirements.

However, there is some hope. For any cases that are 30 days past the processing time posted on USCIS’s website, you can call the USCIS call center (1-800-375-5283) or send a case status inquiry online on USCIS’s website. After 60 days past the processing time, and after attempts have been made to resolve the delay or problem directly with USCIS, assistance can be sought from the Ombudsman’s Office. This is an impartial and confidential resource independent from USCIS that provides individual case assistance

If you have any further questions about your green card processing time, please feel free to contact us and we can help you out.