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I Am on h1b1 and Lost My Job. I Am Looking for Job, but in the Meantime I Was Planning to Change Status to an h4 Dependent Visa. Do I Need to Leave the Country to Change My Visa Status?

Based on the information you provided, you should apply for your H4 change of status immediately. Technically, you are no longer in visa “status” because you lost your job. When you apply for the H4, you should provide proof that you’ve been maintaining H1B1 status, which is usually done in the form of pay stubs. If the H4 change of status cannot be approved, then you can obtain H4 status via consular processing.

Whether you have to leave the country or not depends on how long you’ve been out of status. No matter what, be careful not to stay in the U.S. beyond the date on your I-94 card.