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I currently work on H1B for my employer,and my AOS (I-485) is pending, priority date is current and I've already got my EAD. Can I start my own company in USA now? Or should I wait until my green card is approved?

Usually, it’s recommended that people in your situation stay working on their H1B visas until their AOS applications have been approved. If you start working on your EAD, then you’ll no longer be in H1B status. The problem arises if your AOS application is denied for some reason. In such an instance, you don’t have a valid visa status by which to remain in the U.S. Having an EAD cardoesn’t give you status to remain in the U.S. and, with no H1B visa (or other type of visa), you’ll have to leave the U.S. I recommend you ask your immigration lawyer whether or not you should start working with your EAD.