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How Can I Get an E2 Visa Application Approved?

What are the factors influencing successful or unsuccessful E-2 visa applications?

Speaking very generally, Consular Officers have said that the most common reason for unsuccessful E2 visa applications is lack of sufficient documentation. There are no requirements regarding the type of startup needed for an E-2 visa. However, the general rule is that the lower the cost of the startup, the greater the investment required. So, for example, if you’re opening up a hot dog stand, then you’ll need to provide more (if not all) investment funding than if you’re starting a large automobile manufacturing plant.

Can outside investors invest in my startup for the E2 Visa?

Yes, the short answer is that investors can invest in your U.S. startup for the E2 visa. However, the majority of your startup must be owned by citizens (or entities) of your country. So, for example, if you are French and the majority of your startup will be owned by French citizens (including French investors), then you would qualify for an E2 visa. On the other hand, if you obtain money from U.S. investors and those investors will end up owning more than 50 percent of your startup, then you would not qualify for an E2 visa.

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