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Can an H1B Visa Holder Have Multiple Jobs?

My wife is on H1B. Can she take a 1-week summer job in her field at another employer?

In theory she could take a one-week summer job, however she would need a separate H1B visa to work for a second employer. Due to the cost - both in time and money - of an H1B visa, it would be rare that an employer would sponsor the second visa for just one week of work.

Generally, an H1B visa holder can have more than one job as long as there is an approved H1B for each job. So, an individual can have multiple H1Bs. In addition, if an H1B visa holder decides to change jobs, then it would be necessary to file an H1B transfer application for the new job.

To change from a full-time H1B employee to a part-time H1B employee, an amended H1B petition needs to be filed with USCIS. There is no minimum number of hours required under the regulations to qualify for part-time H-1B status. Part-time employment is anything less than 35 hours.

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