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3 Ways to Startup a Company as an Immigrant Entrepreneur

US Entrepreneur Visa Options

I often get asked for advice as to how can a foreign national or foreign citizen startup a company in the US. The following are three us entrepreneur visa options for immigrant entrepreneurs:

The L-1 visa

This is is a temporary, non-immigrant, intra-company transfer visa that permits the starting up of a business in the U.S. To be eligible for this visa, among other things, the visa applicant must have worked as an executive, manager or specialized knowledge employee for a foreign company for at least one year out of the last three years and the new U.S. company must have a qualifying relationship to the foreign company. Learn more about using the L1 visa for startups.

The E visa

This is also a temporary, non-immigrant work visa. The E visa includes the E1 treaty trader visa and the E2 treaty investor visa, but only individuals who are citizens of treaty countries are eligible to apply for the E visa. India is not a treaty country, but Japan, and many South American and EU countries are treaty countries.

The EB-5 visa category

This is an immigrant visa category that permits the starting up of a new company in the U.S. The EB5 visa grants a conditional green card to immigrants entering the U.S to invest in a new commercial enterprise. However, the EB5 visa applicant must invest $1 million in the new commercial enterprise or $500,000 if investing in a targeted employment area. Additionally, the new enterprise must benefit the U.S. economy and create at least 10 full-time jobs.

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